Like many people, I am frustrated with Idaho politics. The last legislative session was my tipping point.

The assault on public education and women’s rights, the unfair tax breaks for the wealthy, and the lack of vision for our future left me feeling discouraged. I decided it was time to step forward.

For me, Idaho is sacred ground. My children, Erin and Conor, were born and raised here. They received their outstanding education in the Coeur d’Alene Public schools.

I have lived and worked here for 35 years. I know this community.

Idaho has provided promise, opportunity, and a quality of life that I appreciate every day. I want the same for our children. Let’s work together to create a strong Idaho full of renewed promise. Our time is NOW!

Like any successful business, Idaho must develop a comprehensive economic plan. Idaho has numerous strengths. We have valuable natural resources but more importantly, we have valuable human resources. I am concerned that we are wasting time on nonessential issues while our resources sit idle.

Three areas deserve strong Legislative support:




We hear a lot of talk about developing infrastructure. Most of us think of infrastructure as roads and bridges, but there is another infrastructure that is equally important: human infrastructure.

It is widely accepted that education is linked to personal income. The key to quality jobs is quality education. We cannot and we must not abandon this fact.

Idaho’s commitment to public education has eroded over the last decade. As a former school counselor, I have been in a unique position to observe the effects of this neglect. I have directly witnessed the impact on Idaho’s students and Idaho’s families.

Idaho ranks 50th in per student funding.

Idaho ranks 49th in per capita income.

In 2001, Idaho’s unemployment rate was 4.9%.  By 2011, that number had risen to 8.7%.

More than 60,000 Idaho workers are currently unemployed. We must build Idaho’s economy. We have natural resources. We have workers. Now we need vision.

My opponent is wasting time on nonessential issues:

He supports a return to the Gold standard in Idaho. The uncertainty of a gold commodity will scare business away.

He proposed the “Nullification Amendment” that would allow Idaho to ignore federal law. The Supreme Court has repeatedly found this to be unconstitutional.

I will not waste your time on nonessential issues. There are plenty of important issues we need to address right now. In addition to education and the economy, equality must be an inherent factor in all our legislation.

In 2012, my opponent voted to give $35 million in tax breaks to Idaho’s wealthiest individuals and corporations. This directly benefits the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. I support fair and equitable tax reform.

My opponent supports vouchers for private schools. These vouchers benefit private schools at the expense of our public schools. I believe it is the state’s obligation to educate ALL of Idaho’s children.

My opponent supports the government’s overreach into women’s health rights. I support a woman’s right to make her own health care choices.

We can do better for Idaho. With your support, we can restore fairness, balance and reason to the State Legislature. Please join me as I work to rebuild Idaho’s future. Together we can do this.

Our time is NOW!

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